We’re jetting SimonC001 to Manila for the APT

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32Red Poker are happy to announce the winner of the 28th Day of Christmas APT Manila Package Freeroll: SimonC001! Our many congratulations go to him and we wish him the very best luck in the Philippines, where he’ll battling some of the biggest names in poker for a chunk of the huge prizepot.

SimonC001 had the following to say on his great freeroll victory:

Known variously across the online poker rooms apparently by such names as ”Stupid Donkey”, ”Idiot Fish” and ”**********”, my real name is Steve and my peferred nickname is ”Dodger”, although on 32Red I play under the name ”SimonC001” , which is an unfortunate throwback to when I didn’t realise how important it was to pick a good poker nickname!

Anyway, Christmas was a disaster for me, virtually skint and struggling with a particularly nasty ”Man-Flu” attack which left me coughing and spluttering, with every bone in my body aching, wondering just when the hell I was going to shake it all off.
When the offer came from my big brother to join them in a big family get-together…but I just had to turn them down as I didn’t feel up to it.

So after hours of watching dire TV garbage I decided to see if I could grab a game of poker. I spotted the 28th Day of Christmas game on 32Red Poker. Having played earlier in the month I registered but wasn’t particularly confident of doing well.
Now I am only a small time player…I’ll play freerolls where there is a bit of value, STTs in the region of £10 buyins are my general game and £20 buyin would be about my top limit…and the opportunity to play in promotional games like this are fantastic and well appreciated.
A good run of cards whenever I needed them found me hitting the final table in about fifth place.
But then I decided to make my usual one big bad donkey play of the game…I started being aggressive with 27os.Bad move, Bad timing, Bad everything! 120,000 stack cut down to 50,000 through sheer stupidity.
So looked booked for a minor prize, as nice as that would have been I still felt really, really stupid.
But then the Poker Gods looked down on me in pity and bestowed me with decent cards and they called up my most aggressive playing style. I rampaged through that final table like an out of control juggernaut! (although I did fold 1010 against two raisers…and they both had me stuffed, so maybe I just hit my ”A game” at the right time.)
When the game had finished…well, that was when I realised what I had just won…a $6000 package from 32Red Poker to travel across the world and play poker against the stars.
To somebody who has never left Britain, never played in a game of poker of this magnitude before and, I’ve got to admit this I guess…never played outside the comfort of my own home:
This is about to be a fanciful dream turning into reality…all thanks to 32Red Poker and the generosity of thier Christmas promotion.
So, come the end of January I will be embarking on what will truly be the adventure of a lifetime.  My expectations are not high at all, indeed being there and playing in such a tournament is already enough to top anything I’ve achieved before.
However, if I can avoid the donkey plays and keep the Poker Gods on my side (and stop myself from dancing round the room when dealt Aces!) then anything is possible.
After all, I have just beaten over 300 players to win this package…now all I have to do is repeat it!
Seriously though, whatever happens I will enjoy the experience, I am sure of that and I’ll just finish by again thanking 32Red Poker for turning my pipe dreams into reality.
Thank You.
Stephen Caine
aka Dodger

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Nick_32Red · December 30, 2008 at 11:00 am

Congratulations Steve!!! Make sure you take some pics whilst you’re there so we may upload them on to this page 😀 Best of luck in the Philippines…!

trickyrock · December 30, 2008 at 3:34 pm

Many congrats, what an achievement! Keep us updated on how it all goes.

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