EPT Deauville, Day 1

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It’s been an exhausting first day in Deauville, and all the peaks and troughts sadly ended with a low. I will be going back for Day 2 tomorrow, but unfortunately with only 8900 in chips.

I played some decent stuff today, though nothing spectacular. My biggest regret will be the pot which saw me shoot down towards the end of the day, where I had a big decision with AQ of clubs in the small blind. A French player had raised to 2,400 in mid-position, leaving himself 10,000 behind. I had a bad feeling that the end of the day might cause the young Frenchman to want to gamble, but still decided to pull the 3-bet. He had no hesitaiton in calling the implied all-in, and I would be racing against his 1010 in a pot that would define the day.

Sadly, I came out on the wrong end, which was a real disappointment at the end of an emotional day. I seem to hand out alot of warnings to aspiring players about this game, but one important one was very apparent today. However enjoyable the game is, it will batter your emotions, and it is worth being absolutely sure that you are ready for this.

The highest emotion of the day came in fact as I sat with 3,700 in front of me. I had been playing 5,600 on the button, and opened the pot to 700 with KQ. The player in the big blind was a Frenchman just older than me, who seemed a reasonable player, but was playing scared enough to have been very predictable so far. I missed an 822 flop, and something about his check told me to not continuation bet the flop. I was rewarded with a queen on the turn, to make the board Qc8x2c2x. I bet 1,200 of 4,900 stack, fully prepared to get the rest of my chips in.

However, the one sequence of events occured that left me unsure whether to get my bowl of rice into the middle. The guy calmly asked how much I had left (“about 3,700”), and raised to just 3,000. For the first time, he now looked very relaxed. Wow, I thought, this is not the behaviour of a man with QJ or Q10. My problem was that, if he really did have a big hand, what did he have? I could not see him calling many hands with a 2 from the bid blind, and so it was only a very narrow range on which I could pin this fear of him seeming to have a big hand.

I thought for a full three minutes, eventually mucked the hand, and he was kind enough to show 88 for a flopped house. The timing was right, as ten minutes later I doubled through with AK vs KJ, and then raced to a height of 31k.

Things were looking good, but you can normally rely on this game for one thing. Each time it lifts you up, it is likely it will send you crashing back down. Anyway, today was a lot of fun, and I am a great believer in every stack having a chance. Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow, fingers crossed!

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JamesAtkin · January 23, 2009 at 1:12 am

That’s an incredible laydown with the KQ with the stack you had man. V.well worked out.

Shame you lost another flip with the AQ early doors, hope Day 2 went better for you!

trickyrock · January 23, 2009 at 4:43 pm

Hey James.

Yeah, was a disappointing one all in all. It’s always frustrating to get a couple of things right, nearly put together a good day’s play, but then get a couple wrong! Here was the most interesting pot, that would have made a big difference if I’d got it right.

I’m playing 31k and look down at 10s9s in the small blind. Surinder limps the hijack for 400, and an aggressive, internet-generation French player makes it 1,425 on the cut-off. His range is very wide here, he’s played very well and aggressively, but not too loose.

I call, knowing I’ll then be playing a three-way pot when Surinder calls as well.

Flop 975 rainbow. I should maybe lead out here, but I know there is a good chance of the French kid not giving up the pot, and being prepared to float.

Turn 9765, now two hearts on the board. This is not an awful card; if I was ahead, I probably still am. There are not many 8s that the French kid can have (he surely bets the flop with 98,88,78,85,108 and J8).

I lead for 2,500 into 4,600 and Surinder passes. The French kid now re-raises to 6,600 and I think I have to call based on the likelyhood he will make this move, and the fact that the range he is representing is practically as narrow as an eight.

It seems he can only have a) an 8, b) a flush draw, or c) air. A flush draw seems unlikely for a re-raise, simply because I can move all-in and deny him the odds to call if I do have the hand I am repping (an 8).

The river comes the ten of hearts, to complete the runner runner flush and give me (an irrelevant) two pair on a board of 109765 hhh. I’ve wondered about turning my hand into a bluff if a heart comes on the river, but decide not to and check. He insta-checks, and meekly tables Ax8h, which is good for a straight.

It would have been a dangerous move, but I think it’s a horrible mistake for me not to bet 12k here. I really don’t think he calls with a straight, as I have a perfect representation for a flush, having bet-called the turn. In fact, it seems unlikely I’m bluffing as I would surely check a straight, and it looks unlikely I’ll turn two pair or a set into a bluff.

It seems like I lost my poker balls somewhere in the middle of 2008. If anyone finds them, can I have them back?!

JamesAtkin · January 23, 2009 at 6:11 pm

Lol, I remember when I had balls man. Back when I was new on the scene and didn’t fear anyone or anything. I think poker takes it’s toll on you. When you first start out you probably haven’t ran into the nuts with 2nd nuts too many times. You probably aren’t even sweating an all in against KQ with the AA preflop.

I wouldn’t feel too bad about betting the river. Good internet players are prone to hero calls, it’s not like it’s a four flush on the river. And he might expect you to check raise with this hand with his raise on the turn?

Was the flop 976 or 975? Makes a fair difference to his range. Like your lead out on the turn. Very tricky here as he’s either uber-strong or he has air. Perhaps the heart saved you calling a value bet on the river…

Will read up on day 2 now 🙂

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