The $5k Holdem Event

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At the moment it is a massive irony of this series that, after so long preparing for the mixed games, I have just missed the money in the two mixed games events that I have played, but had deeper runs in the one game I have hardly thought about recently, no limit holdem:

On Tuesday, I began as one of the 889 runners in the $5k Holdem event, and by Wednesday evening, would emerge inside the money with just above the average stack. It is a frustration of no limit holdem tournaments that massive flips are sometimes inevitbale, and I felt there was no getting away from getting my jacks in against ace-queen for a massive 320k race. An ace in the door put me on the losing end in emphatic fashion, and I would cash in 61st place. The fact that my recent luck made it about time for me to lose a race was little consolation at first, as I felt gutted for just few minutes thinking about what might have been. However, taking it all in, it was definitely nice to have another exciting run.

Though it’s funny how the “mixed game” series has panned out, I’m very eager now to turn the tables. Today, I will have my final chance in the first half of the trip, as I play the Omaha-8 championship event. I’m really excited for what has become my favorite of the mixed games, and going acros to the Rio now for the start of play.

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