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One of 32Red’s regular poker players warbirds has recently returned from playing in the World Series of Poker 2010 in Las Vegas.  After winning his online qualifying seat via one of 32Red’s exclusive Be the Bounty tournaments, warbirds proceeded to secure his €6,000 package to WSOP Event 56.  Let’s hear from the man himself:

warbirds at the Grand Canyon

warbirds at the Grand Canyon

“Hi everyone

Came back yesterday evening from Vegas and I have to say I had a GREAT time there.

The hotel was great, the place is nice and a lot of fun, and between the shows, the shopping, the restaurants and the trip to the Grand Canyon there was a lot to do, and I was glad that my g/f was with me so we could enjoy all of this together.

On the poker front things were different though.  I did not play before the WSOP event 56, and that was probably a mistake as I would have benefited from some more experience, and more confidence too.  Although there was no well known pro at my starting table I have to admit I felt quite nervous – which surprised me.

Despite planning on playing a serious game in order to reach day two and also to do well in the last longer bet, I made several mistakes and was out quite early.

The first mistake occured at level two when the big blind was away from the table and I thought it would be a good idea to help myself to it.  I raised from the button with J6o after it was folded to me.  The SB called, and also called my flop c-bet. He also had a bad hand, but still better than mine and took the pot.

A while later I raised in early position with TT. I got about 5 (!) callers, and the flop came all small cards rainbow.  A post flop bet allowed me to shake most of the players except one who called.  A J arrived on the turn and I bet again and was strongly raised by my opponent. At this point I felt I was beat and folded, loosing a good part of my stack.

Finally later I bet a good amount with AKo on an ATx rainbow flop, only to get one caller.  He bet the turn (a J) effectively putting me all-in. At this time I believe I am behind but I feel I have to call as practically my whole stack is already in the pot.  He shows the expected KQ for the straight and I’m out.

I was very frustrated as after waiting for so many weeks to play this event I played it horribly.”

“I played a few tournaments after that, including one of the Deepstack Extravaganza events at the Venetian and a few smaller tournaments at the Mirage and Treasure Island, where I got the only cash position of my trip (I thought I actually would win this one until I suffered a terrible bad beat in the end.  This was the only horrible beat I experienced in the trip though).

I enjoyed greatly the whole Vegas experience, and woiuld like to thank 32Red Poker and Microgaming who were great and also everyone who showed support here.  I hope Adetrick will have some better results to share with us.

I will definitely try again and qualify in the future”

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