32Red’s BadBeat Jackpot hits AGAIN!

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BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

It’s unbelievable!

Not even 24 hours had passed since our last BadBeat Jackpot was claimed, when the alarm bells went off again to the sound of yet another lucky winner!  Let’s checkout the details below…

Alias papa45 claimed the BadBeat Jackpot Sunday morning at morning at 1:21 am (UK time) on hand number 3773783370, while the Jackpot stood at $114,264.23. It all happened on the BadBeat table ‘BadBeat Jackpot 267’ when papa45, with quad J’s and zebro74 with a Straight Flush of diamonds (7d – Jd) met at the showdown to reveal the BadBeat. Four other participating winners also claimed whopping amounts from the BadBeat Jackpot.

Here are the results:

BadBeat Jackpot Winners Poker Alias BadBeat Jackpot Prize
BadBeat Winner papa45 $39,992.48
Showdown Winner zebro74 $19,996.24
Participating Winner AMECH1 $4,999.06
Participating Winner bigbadbabaar $4,999.06
Participating Winner HotChip $4,999.06
Participating Winner OwnedByRiver $4,999.06

The next BadBeat Jackpot was seeded with $22,852.85.

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