Double Winnings for ‘mcrobo’

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Play for a €20,000 Jackpot every night at 32Red Poker!

Play for a €20,000 Jackpot every night at 32Red Poker!

‘mcrobo’ doubles his winnings on 32Red’s Jackpot Tournaments!

Next time you see the alias ‘mcrobo’ playing at the 32Red Poker tables, make sure to congratulate him for his performance in last night’s Jackpot Tournaments.  Not only did he finish 4th on the 123 game winning €92.68 but he also claimed the top spot on the 321 game banking a further €365.76.  This brought his tournament winnings up to €458.44, which we then doubled in conjunction with our Jackpot Tournaments promotion.  In total ‘mcrobo’ ended up with a €916.88 thanks to a good day’s work at the 32Red Poker tables.

Here’s what ‘mcrobo’ had to say:

“When I made the first final table, I was really excited, on the second game I was hovering about 11th for sometime and managed to get a double up to put about 3rd so it was a matter of holding onto my chips and playing tight and aggressive in both tournaments. When I took down the first one after a serious heads up battle there were about 5 players left on the other final table and it was a matter of keeping my head above the water as there were two massive chipstacks there, the adrenaline rush was unbelievable as I knew EVERY hand I was getting involved in was for the €20,000.00 Jackpot as well as the double winnings, unfortunately when we were down to 4 payers I made a move with Ace 10 only to be called by Ace Jack and with a flop of Jack Jack Nine and no help on the turn or river my jackpot dream was over. I am still over the moon at receiving an additional $645.00 to my bankroll and I am all out to achieve this again, it was certainly one of the most exciting games I have played online.”

€20,000 Jackpot

32Red’s ‘Jackpot Tournaments’ will pay a straight €20,000 Jackpot to any player who can win both the 123 game and the 321 game in the same night. Players making both final tables in the same night (as ‘mcrobo’ did last night!) will double their winnings.

Do you have the stones to play 2 tournaments simultaneously, and the skills to finish 1st on both?

If so, then come and play 32Red’s  Jackpot Tournaments every evening at 18:30 (UK time),  there’s a €20,000 Jackpot with your name on it.

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Nick - 32Red Poker Manager · March 29, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Congratulations on your double winnings ‘mcrobo’, and let’s hope you can still clinch that €20K Jackpot!

furnesspoker · March 29, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Thanks Nick, was a brilliant game and I have to say its so so exciting to play, after all there is a potential overlay of a cool €20,000.00 and only costs a few bucks to enter 🙂

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