DAZZID wins 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

Congratulations to 32Red Poker player DAZZID, the 2nd player to hit 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

DAZZID landed the big Diamond Royale hand last night and it burst a juicy jackpot of €1,151.00. The lucky hand number was 4,142,839,004 and a total of 6 players shared in the jackpot winnings.

Here’s how the hand played out:

Opening Betting Round

Dealing the Flop

Dealing the Turn

Dealing the River

The Showdown

Jackpot Winners


DAZZID Diamond Royale Winner €575.50
Farmer323 Participating Winner €46.04
BASKETAA Participating Winner €46.04
Srojitas Participating Winner €46.04
InsaneAces Participating Winner €46.04
Meerkatx Participating Winner €46.04

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