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Ever had a dream where you’re sitting in a peaceful Zen garden, playing poker… and you’re an alien? No? Well, now you don’t have to because it’s possible to do just that – at least in the virtual sense – at 32Red Poker, thanks to our new look Fun View tables. Poker should, after all, be a fun pastime. Winning money would be a nice bonus, and practise and experience tend to make profit a reality but, as is the case with any hobby, the whole point is to derive enjoyment from our time at the tables.

Of course poker itself is a fascinating game, abundant with possibilities so intriguing and exciting that merely tweaking a situation just slightly creates quite different results from almost the same circumstances. But why not add to the experience with a fun setting (hence the name of this new feature), and throw in a few added touches?

Introducing Fun View… I’m one of the old-fashioned online poker types (if there is such a thing for such a relatively new version of the game) but must admit Fun View is indeed a worthy new table format which is sure to add a bit of spice to your playing sessions.

You’ll need to investigate yourself to properly appreciate what’s on offer and compare the experience with the more sober visuals that are still there for those who prefer the more ‘traditional’ look, but here’s a brief taster of what to expect, and how it works (simple).

Fun View presents you with a choice of new-look tables – available for Texas Hold’em cash games/tournaments, the very popular Anonymous tables and even standard Blaze games – with each having a distinctive background theme, and you can also choose from a host of avatars. The themes are Rec Room, for the games enthusiast, Penthouse (boasting, of course, an impressive view) and the calm, picturesque Zen Garden for the quieter, more peaceful types… Notwithstanding the novelty value of these virtual environments, it struck me that there is, for some, a more serious aspect to such background themes (including the existing ones) in that: 1. We need to feel comfortable with the setting and its specifics because (consciously or otherwise) we are indeed focused almost exclusively on what is immediately before us on the screen while we play, and, 2. Our mood is never going to be the same when we sit down to play – and might even undergo changes during a session – so it follows that we will prefer one background over another from time to time. Moreover, should this need for change occur during play, Fun View allows us to switch from one to another by clicking on an arrow on the side of the table, there being no need to go out and back in or mess with the Menu.

Meanwhile, there are the avatars. More than 130 of them, in fact, so no problem finding an appropriate (or, I suspect, suitably inappropriate) ‘look’ for whatever table image we wish to project. Men can be women, women can be men… we don’t even need to be human!

CLICK HERE for full details of Fun View, as well as how to select an avatar and so on.

Have fun with the Fun View delights, and good luck!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

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