€1,000 Jackpot Won at 32Red Poker

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32Red Poker is pleased to announce that its Flush Royale tournament’s €1,000 Jackpot was hit on Friday, April 17. Having sat down to play 32Red Poker‘s nightly tournament for a buy-in of only €4, ‘over_here’ was dealt Jd Kd…

When the flop brought the magical 10d Qd Ad (see below) he found himself the recipient of a ready-made royal flush and, with it, a healthy profit thanks to the €1K Jackpot.

over_here wins the €1,000 Flush Royale jackpot!

over_here wins the €1,000 Flush Royale jackpot!

The Flush Royale fixture is one of 32Red Poker‘s exclusive nightly Special tournaments designed to provide players with great value, fun poker, and just part of an overall player-friendly selection of exciting tournament and cash game opportunities.

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