Bad Beat Jackpot Multi-Hits!

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Regular 32Red players have no excuse for not opting into the progressive Bad Beat jackpot when at the cash tables. Apart from the potentially massive payouts for the winning hand (which goes to bad beats such as four kings losing to four aces), as well as those involved in the pot and at the table itself, anyone playing at the same blind level of the hand in question is also eligible for a share of the jackpot! As long as you click on the BB icon to opt in, you’re in the running for a chunk of cash when the jackpot hits.

And, just to remind you that this does indeed happen more frequently than you might imagine, the jackpot has been hit three times during a four day period! First, on €20 max table, with the running total at a whopping €50,215.48, four queens ‘lost’ to four kings. Even the 18 players who had opted in at that blinds level enjoyed a generous payout, each receiving €278.97 for their shrewdness. Not long after, on the same day(!), there was another hit, this time on a €50 max table, 2222 being pipped at the post by 4444. The Jackpot was then at € 45,329.52, so the 10 additional opted in players at the same stake pocketed €453.29…

Within three days history repeated itself, again at a €50 max table, and the excitement must have been almost unbearable when, with the progressive jackpot at €43,499.12, KKKK came up against a straight flush. 15 players had wisely clicked the BB icon to be opted in and, due to their playing at the same stakes, were rewarded with €271.86 each!

Get involved with the Bad Beat Jackpot, have fun, and good luck!

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