Prima Software Feedback: Help us help you!

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We constantly strive to provide you with the best possible experience at 32Red Poker, and the launch this summer of the brand new Prima poker platform introduced software aimed at raising the bar still further…

However, the beauty of this latest software is the built-in Feedback system. ‘User-friendly’ is an oft-used term, but it’s totally relevant in this case. The facility for players to voice their opinions and make suggestions, requests and even propose new ideas – at any time – serves as an invaluable development resource.

As with poker itself, information is key, and by logging and collating direct feedback it’s possible to make necessary tweaks or even more fundamental changes as part of an evolving process.

In fact, since the new software was first launched, the vast majority of improvements and fixes came about precisely as a result of such player feedback.

Helping us hone the poker platform is a simple matter of clicking on ‘Feedback’ and making whatever suggestions you may have. Good or bad, we don’t mind – the point is to take into account what the players think and then make positive changes accordingly.

It’s all about helping us help you get the most out of 32Red Poker. That our development teams can focus their efforts specifically on what players believe are issues worth mentioning is the whole point of the Feedback system.

In the words of Alex Scott (Managing Director – MPN) “We’re hoping that what it does is show that we’re doing what we said we would do. All the people who have criticized us for not having feature X or feature Y—whatever their most favorite feature is—this is a way of showing them that we are listening to them; we’re doing what we believe are the most important things to players out there. We’re letting players drive the development of our client.”

Share your thoughts! Don’t ‘not bother’ because you think this or that opinion might seem trivial – your observation or suggestion might well be shared by other players, and the more info we have, the better placed we are to investigate and perhaps do something about it.

So, there you have it. Any thoughts regarding the software that might occur to you during a session, please share them with us via Feedback and they will be duly noted… Have fun, and good luck at the tables!


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