MTT Missions: Earn up to 20 Free Tickets!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

5th November – 2nd December 2018

How does 20 free tournament tickets sound? That’s what you can help yourself to by getting involved in our MTT Missions promotion, which will run between November 5 and December 2.

Poker might be a complex game, but we like to strip down our promotions to the point where you need do no more than have fun at the tables. In this case, it’s a matter of making your presence felt in multi-table tournaments during each week of the promo and being rewarded with free tickets.

Here’s how it will work… Each week, five different Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) will be held daily, from Monday. These will be quite varied in format and structure and buy-in level and so on, so there’ll be something for everyone.

When you play a specific MTT five times you’ll be given a ticket for that tournament’s Sunday Final! For example, if in the first week you play each of Tournaments 2 and 3 five times, you’ll qualify for those two Finals. If you play all 5 MTTs at least five times each during the second week of MTT Missions, you’ll have an action-packed Sunday, with free tickets for all five Sunday Finals!

You don’t have to be a maths genius to work out that there are 20 tournament tickets up for grabs. And it doesn’t end there. If you complete an MTT Mission that features a Rebuy or 1R1A (1 Rebuy 1 Add-on) tournament you’ll earn a bonus in the form of a generic ticket of the same value, which you can use in future tournaments for the first rebuy or add-on. Have fun!


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