Badbeat Jackpot hit for the 3rd time in 4 days!

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Oops, it’s happened again, as Britney Spears might say if she played online poker. Wednesday night saw the Bad Beat Jackpot being hit for the third time in a matter of days. And each of these hits was at a €20 max table.

Traditionally, nobody likes a bad beat story, but the BBJ is quite different, as it’s the loser of the jackpot hand – such as four aces losing to four kings – who gets the lion’s share of the jackpot. And don’t forget that anyone who opted in at the same stakes as the jackpot hand wins something. Note that the minimum stake at which cash tables count for the BBJ is €20 max, and the opt in facility is available only on the Classic Software.

Latest hit came yet again at an Anonymous €20 max table, with 5555 losing to QQQQ, and the progressive total having reached €14,578! The prize amount per opt in share winner was €364, which meant that Leo Fung (alias: LIKE2FISHU) saw a tidy bonus being added to his account for bothering to click the BB icon in the bottom right of the table when he sat down to enjoy some cash game fun at 32Red Poker.

Leo has taken part at MPN Poker Tour events in Morocco, Manchester and Sunny Beach (Bulgaria), but this was certainly one of his most memorable experiences as a 32Red Poker player…

Here’s a brief question and answer about his windfall:

32Red Poker: Congratulations on your win. Are you a regular BBJ hunter?
Leo: Not really – I prefer MTTs, but have been playing cash games this week to gain points for the Cash Game Festival Bratislava Leaderboard.

32Red Poker: So, you were happily playing cash games and then…?
Leo: Yes… the BBJ jackpot pop-up suddenly appeared on the three €20 max cash tables I was playing. I checked my balance and the money was already there!

32Red Poker: Do you always opt in to the BBJ?
Leo: Yep! It’s nice that 100% of the contribution goes into the jackpot, and the payout structure is so good. 

32Red Poker: How will you spend your winnings?
Leo: Treating my wife (who’s been ill all week!) and daughter to a nice meal, a balance bike for my daughter and satellites to qualify for the Battle of Malta!

Bad Beat Jackpot

If the ‘fear of missing out’ (#fomo) hasn’t kicked in after this flurry of BBJ hits, then an extra incentive is that if you win the BBJ at 32Red Poker you’ll also collect a special bonus prize – a €1,500 VIP Live Events package! Have fun at our Cash tables, and don’t forget to click on the BB icon to opt in

Bad Beat Jackpot, here I come…!

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