Bad Beat Jackpot hit at over €21K… again!

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One of our recent tweets said: ‘Don’t wait to hear about a Bad Beat jackpot hit – be part of it and win a share of the cash!’ … ignore our advice at your peril, because the virtual ink had barely ‘dried’ before another jackpot was hit!

For those of you still in the dark about what the BBJ is, the point is that when you lose to a bad beat you then win the jackpot. It’s the ultimate silver cloud scenario.

How It Works
To take part, simply ‘opt in’ by clicking on the Bad Beat icon at the bottom right of any qualifying table. Players contribute 2 cents per hand towards the jackpot in order to remain in contention for a share of the money, the Jackpot being triggered when a player’s hand – which can be any four of a kind or better – is beaten by a better hand. The losing player is the BBJ winner. Note that when the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash!
You can opt in and out of the jackpot at any time, but if you opt out you won’t be eligible to win a prize. The jackpot has no administration fee, so every single cent that is contributed to the jackpot goes back into the pockets of players.
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Given the number of players at our Cash tables, day in, day out, it doesn’t take a mathematics genius to know that the Bad Beat jackpot will keep being hit. Given the ease with which you can make sure you’re eligible for a share of the booty (clicking on the BB icon at the bottom right of a Cash game table), it’s a no-brainer getting involved. Note that eligible stakes are €0.10/€0.20 and higher, and the BBJ opt in facility is available only on the ‘Classic’ software.

The latest hit came at a €100 max table, with four of a kind (2222) losing to a K-high straight flush. The progressive jackpot had reached €21,536 at the time, and the sole player at this stake to have opted in thus earned a very tasty reward of €2,153.

So, opt in, or miss out…


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