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With the proverbial dust having settled at the recent MPN Poker Tour event in Prague, Team32Red qualifiers once again had a fantastic time. Importantly, it’s not just the poker itself that makes these festivals so memorable…

In fact that aspect can seem almost like an additional feature at these events, which take place around the globe. The main emphasis – and one which we have in mind when we strive to make 32Red Poker the go-to place to win packages and seats for player-friendly poker festivals – is to make sure our players have a great time regardless of what happens poker-wise. These trips are holidays with some quality poker thrown in, courtesy of 32Red.

Main Event Results

Here are our Team32Red players who cashed in the Main Event:

  • Diego Catalan placed 13th for €2,400
  • Mantas Urbonas placed 17th for €1,900
  • Teunis Arendse placed 21st for €1,900
  • Christian Braeuer placed 28th for €1,450
  • Colin Guthrie placed 33rd for €1,250
  • Fabienne Freymadl placed 45th for €1,150
Memorable Hands

Paul Johnson pointed out that he’d had ‘…all my good luck in Tallinn and all my bad luck in Prague’ (he finished runner-up in Estonia to the tune of €40,000!). In the Main Event in Prague, in the hand immediately after his AQ had walked into AA he was dealt 10 10 and went all-in. Two more players did the same, their hands being AA and QQ.

Liam & Paul enjoying a river cruise on the Danube…

What followed perfectly encapsulates how the lows and highs and lows of poker can be experienced in a single hand – the Flop brought KQJ, then the Turn delivered the magical Ace that filled Paul’s straight and thus put him in the lead… only for the River to bring a Jack, filling the other players’ full houses and coldly relegating Paul back to 3rd and, indeed, see him eliminated from the tournament. It really is a fine line…

Julie Whitworth has an enviable knack of winning her way to MPNPT events, and this was her 11th! Her most memorable hand was losing with KK to J9 and 79 when both her opponents hit a straight, having all been all-in post-flop when they had gambled on gut-shot straights that needed – and on the River found – a miracle 8.

Julie ‘Ladydriver’ Whitworth ready for action…

Prague: The City of 100 Spires

The picturesque Czech Republic capital was the perfect venue to guarantee that our players would return home with great memories. As our photos show, it’s fair to say a good time was had by all, from the food, to the sights and even a bit of Karaoke…


Hopefully, your poker festival appetite has been suitably aroused to inspire you to qualify for the next MPN Poker Tour stop in London (18-21 July). Not only do we have the usual bankroll-friendly satellite set-up that could see you win your way to €1,500 packages and €900 Super Seat packages from as little as €1, but we’re throwing in additional ways to get on Team32Red, too… We’ll see you in London!

Up next… MPNPT London!

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