Fish Party jackpot hit in €5 game!

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If you haven’t yet experienced the Fish Party phenomenon at 32Red Poker, then where have you been? Apart from the fact that these quick-fire, 3-player Sit & Go games are great fun, they’re quite unlike the conventional format in that the prizes aren’t fixed!

You find out what you’ll be fighting for only after all three players have registered, at which point a mini Fish Party slots game pops up, and the prize is determined by what appears on the winning line – it could be anything from twice to literally thousands of times the buy-in.

And not only can the jackpots be enormous, but there’s one at each of the five buy-in levels, which are €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50.

The latest jackpot hit in a €5 game, with the running total at the time being a meaty €30,949. All three protagonists received a share of the spoils:

  1. Steriyo (€15,474)
  2. RayVest (€9,284)
  3. KlingonKing (€6,189)

Of course there’s more to poker than money, but the fact that you can enjoy such fantastic returns on, for example, a €5 outlay can’t be ignored when deciding on how to spend your next poker session… Have fun, and good luck!

Let’s go fishing!

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