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If you’re not tuning into Ryan Davey’s action-packed live streams on Twitch, then apart from some excellent commentary as he cuts a path through the jungle that is tournament poker, you’re also missing out on Freerolls, Specials and even the chance to share his winnings.

It might be a cliché to use the term ‘rollercoaster ride’ when describing a poker session, but that’s exactly what Ryan – who goes by the name MetalFace (watch and you’ll see why…) – experienced last night, and the viewers too, were on the edge of their seats as successive hands served to heighten the tension.

The stream got off to a rough start when Aces kept popping up, only for Ryan to suffer one bad beat after another. But matters did eventually take a turn for the better, as you’ll find out…

Meanwhile, one feature of Ryan’s streams (which are every Monday and Friday from 7pm BST) is an exclusive ‘Twitchroll’ with over €100 in Fish Party tickets up for grabs. It’s free entry, with optional rebuys/add-on, and to get the password you simply type !Twitchroll in Chat.

Ryan also plays what we call the Big Fish – this is a €50 Fish Party progressive Sit & Go tournament where the payouts can be anything from 2x the buy-in (i.e. €100), all the way up to the current jackpot, which stands at over €400K! What’s special about this particular game is that anything he wins in the Big Fish he splits 50/50 between himself and his viewers! 50% of the winnings goes into an exclusive freeroll (just for those current players) at 32Red Poker on the next stream.

With the viewers probably having lost count of the number of times Ryan’s aces met a sticky end, it was time for the Big Fish. Chat suddenly grew quiet. MetalFace eliminated one of his two opponents but was now facing the infamously formidable VOIMAS.LEEK, who seems to reside in the €50 Fish Party games and has become Ryan’s nemesis of sorts. The final hand was tense, with Ryan’s A6 coming up against… A7! You’ve guessed it – this time Lady Luck was on his side, and after a 6 appeared on the flop his hand held up for a €500 win! And the stream’s viewers will now enjoy a €250 Big Fish Freeroll on Friday… Incidentally, Ryan has won his last 3 Big Fish games.

MetalFaceTV is becoming the place to be for poker enthusiasts every Monday & Friday evening and, with this in mind, we’ll continue to spice things up with competitions and giveaways, keeping you, the Chat community, involved and entertained. Well done Ryan for keeping us all entertained and the big win! Tune in on Friday from 7pm BST for more poker adventures courtesy of 32Red and MetalFaceTV.

Tune in to MetalFaceTV!


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