Bad Beat Jackpot: 32Red player wins a slice of the pie!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

Every time the Bad Beat Jackpot hits we remind our players that only by opting in will they be eligible for a share of the booty. To do this, simply click on the BBJ icon when you next play at the Cash tables on our Classic software (€20 max and above).

Remember that you win the progressive BBJ when your very big hand loses to an ever bigger one. It’s a rare example of conventional bad luck leading to a big win. But this is only possible when you opt in

A 32Red regular, AreYouLocal, did just that last night and, when the BBJ hit at another table at the same stakes, he was rewarded with a payout of €1,283! If you read that again, the crucial factor here is that merely playing at the same stakes as the jackpot hand is enough for what can be a meaty share of the spoils!

As for the BBJ hand itself, it came at a €100 max Anonymous table, with the running total at the time being €25,661. Four of a kind, Kings, lost to a King-high straight flush. Ironically, neither of the protagonists – nor anyone at that table – had bothered to opt in…

You’ve been warned – click that BBJ icon, and good luck!


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