Fish Party Jackpot hit at €60K

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You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say, and three players were more than happy to have been enjoying a Fish Party Sit & Go game last weekend when they each won a share of a €60K jackpot!

An important difference between these games and the traditional Sit & Go format is that the prize isn’t fixed. Instead, a mini Fish Party Slots game pops up when all players have registered, and the spin of the reels determines what’s at stake. This could be anything from twice the buy-in to a multiple of literally thousands.

You can play for €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50, with each of these buy-in levels having its own jackpot, and the numbers can be enormous.

The running total at the time of writing for the €1 game, for example, is over €17K, while the €50 jackpot is €420K and rising…

The latest hit came in a €10 game, with all three protagonists sharing a juicy jackpot of €60,674 as follows – 1st: Centenarian (€30,337), 2nd: HighOnLife (€18,202) and 3rd: MargaeryT (€12,134). Amazing amounts for a quick €10 game!

If you’ve not yet enjoyed the thrills and spills of Fish Party poker, our Birthday Bonanza, which runs for three weeks from 15th July, features an additional ‘shared’ bonus jackpot as well as Daily Flip Freerolls and a €1K Special!

Dive in and have fun…


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