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Friday nights wouldn’t be the same without a hearty helping of MetalFaceTV, and tonight we have four Freerolls lined up for you as part of the entertainment…

First up, at 8pm BST, is BIGFISH 1, a €100 GTD Freeroll. Then comes another at 8:30pm, imaginatively called BIGFISH 2. These are private games for invited players only. To learn how you may take part in future Big Fish Freerolls go to MetalFaceTV and type !BigFish in Chat.

9pm sees TWITCHROLL 1, with over €100 in Fish Party tickets to fight for, and this is followed at 9:30pm by – yes, you’ve guessed it! – TWITCHROLL 2, with another €100+ in Fish Party tickets!

Getting the password…

To get your hands on the TWITCHROLL passwords simply tune in to MetalFaceTV from 7pm BST tonight and type !Password in Chat. Simples…

Note that winning a Fish Party ticket could be your first step to a big win, with massive jackpots at each of the five buy-in levels of these action-packed 3-player Sit & Go games.

Finally, Ryan tops off his Twitch stream with a €50 Fish Party game, appropriately named The Big Fish. Whatever he wins he will split with the viewers of tonight’s session – given that at the time of writing the jackpot in the €50 game is over €420K, it’s well worth tuning in!

Tune in to MetalFaceTV

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