32Red player wins July’s €50K Blowout!

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Our end-of-the-month €50K Blowout series of tournaments is proving to be a great success, not least because we give players at 32Red Poker many, many ways to get their hands on the €110 ticket for pennies, with Feeder satellites starting at 11 cents!

The July edition was a Booster (where players can buy an additional stack at a discount), and we’re very pleased to announce that it was won by 32Red player, Arvydas Melfeldas, who goes by the alias MrRebuy and finished 1st in a field of 330 entrants. His reward for a great performance was a juicy €9,450.

Here’s an interview with the man of the moment…

32Red: Congrats on taking down July’s Booster Edition of the €50K Blowout! How are you feeling about it?

Arvydas: I’m feeling awesome – winning the tournament has a special feeling. If I would receive the same amount of money and finish 2nd, that would be disappointing…

32Red: Results aside, are you happy with how you played the tournament?

Arvydas: Yes. The tournament had a great deep structure, so there was plenty of room for creative plays. I’m especially happy about my play heads-up.

32Red: Any memorable hands?

Arvydas: Well, at the final table I lost a huge flip with TT against AQ, which left me pretty short (around 12 big blinds). A few hands later I shoved 11BB with 22 and cracked the Small Blind’s AA, so that was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster!

32Red: What did you think of the ‘booster’ aspect to July’s €50K Blowout?

Arvydas: I loved it, although, personally, I would prefer the re-entry option for the full buy-in amount.

32Red: MrRebuy – what’s the story behind your poker alias at 32Red?

Arvydas: There are plenty of rebuy tournaments, which I truly love, so the MrRebuy nickname just makes sense for me…

32Red: You’ve been with us for almost three years now – how would you summarise your experience at 32Red Poker so far?

Arvydas: I really enjoy the 32Red Poker Room. The software is pretty fast, the 30% Rakeback is truly amazing (especially these days), fast cashouts…

32Red: Do you prefer online or live poker?

Arvydas: I am a mostly online poker player. However, I really enjoy live poker, too, but the travel can sometimes be overwhelming. But once you are at the poker stop, it’s all good.

32Red: Tournaments or Cash Games? Or both?

Arvydas: 100% Tournaments

32Red: Do you have any plans to treat yourself (or someone special) with your winnings?

Arvydas: Yes, we are going out today with my wife and closest of my poker friends for a fancy dinner to celebrate!

32Red: And finally, what’s the best poker advice you could give our readers…

Arvydas: Enjoy the game – whether you are a recreational or professional player, love the game and be grateful for the opportunities it grants us.

The next €50K Blowout will be on 25th August, so keep your eyes peeled for the various routes to a €110 seat, and let’s see if we can get another 32Red Poker player to the top of the final standings…


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