Fish Party: Two jackpots in two days!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

Poker jackpots can be like buses – you wait around for one and then two come at the same time… Such was the case this weekend, when both Saturday and Sunday saw a Fish Party jackpot being hit – and both in €1 games, too!

If you’re one of those players yet to enjoy the thrills and spills of these fun-filled 3-player Sit & Go games, you’ve been missing out – especially recently, when we added a shared jackpot, daily €500 Flip Freerolls and a €1,000 Fishroller Freeroll as part of our Birthday Bonanza to celebrate the game’s 3rd birthday!

With the five buy-in levels (from €1-€50) each having a progressive jackpot, Fish Party games offer everyone a chance of hitting big, and this is exactly what happened on Saturday in a €1 game in which all three protagonists won a tasty slice of a pie that had reached €19,315… Christmas came early for AlexZharkov8009 (1st, €9,657), rosen74 (2nd, €5,794) and MVG11 (3rd, €3,863).

Meanwhile, this jackpot triggered the bonus Birthday Bonanza jackpot, which saw €24,000 being shared among players who had wagered just €5 or more on Fish Party games during the previous day! (It’s well worth getting involved in our Promotions…)

As fate would have it, no sooner had the proverbial dust settled when, on Sunday, there was another jackpot hit, in another €1 game. This time the jackpot, having just been reset, was €5,065, but there won’t have been any complaints when Vacylook (1st, €2,532), gullbarr123 (2nd, €1,519) and Felson1 (3rd, €1,013) each won a four-figure sum for their €1 investment!

Note that the prizes are not fixed, with the payout for each new game being determined by the spin of a mini Fish Party slots game, the point being that you don’t have to be involved in a jackpot game to win lots of money! So, dive in and have some Fish Party fun at 32Red Poker


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