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Just when you thought 32Red Poker couldn’t get any better, we bring you the Ultimate BoM Final (1st October, 20:00 BST), featuring our exclusive €3,200 Ultimate BoM package, a standard €1,500 package and €800 in cash! This €32 buy-in 1 Rebuy/1 Add-on tournament is too good to miss, so we’re giving you multiple ways to earn tickets…

There are four ways to take your seat, which in turn gives you the opportunity to enhance your chances by racking up additional tickets at the tables between 14th August and 30th September. As well as simply buying in for €32 it’s possible to earn a ticket via three additional routes:

Cash Games

Win 4 hands with each of the 13 pocket pairs in Hold’em (minimum 10/20c stakes) between 14 August – 30 September.

Tournaments/Sit & Go games

Win 50 hands with pocket aces in Hold’em Tournaments/SnG (minimum €5.50 buy-in) between 14 August – 30 September.

N.B. For both of the tasks above, winning hands much reach the Flop.

Fish Party

Play 150 Fish Party Sit & Go games (minimum €5 buy-in).

As for the €3,200 Ultimate BoM Package, it includes:

Have fun enjoying what 32Red Poker has to offer as you rack up your tickets, and good luck in the Final!


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