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We never rest on our laurels at 32Red Poker, and the latest rafter of updates to our Prima software – which is up and running – is packed with extras that will make your poker experience even better. If you’re still playing on the Classic software, now is a good time to try out the alternative…

There are way too many new features and changes to list, so here are some of the highlights of the latest developments that have come about after an exhaustive review:

Tournament Information

A key change is the amount of tournament information available to players during an event, with additional useful info being displayed on the poker table itself. You now have access to such features as total prize pool, the next prize, number of places paid and so on…

As an indication of the level of information you can have at your fingertips, the stack size data is as comprehensive as it gets, featuring: Smallest, My Stack, Average, Median, Largest and even Target Stack, which is what the average will be when the prize positions are reached!

Tournament players can also monitor the ante for the next level, your current position out of the remaining players, your total buy-in, rebuys and add-on and much more.

You can also keep track of your overall progress via My Tournaments, which includes any tournament you are registered for, are playing in or played in!

Whether you already play on Prima or are yet to switch, give the new software a try and you’ll enjoy an enhanced user-friendly experience at 32Red Poker – all that you need to do is bring your best game and have fun along the way…


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