All Rounder Missions: Over €20,000 in prizes!

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Achievement-based promotion with over €20K in prizes. See full terms.

This is a great opportunity to hone your favourite game, give other poker formats a try and add to your bankroll along the way…

Your quest is to get the most out of what 32Red Poker has to offer by completing Missions as you explore. This could, for example, be winning 20 times with pocket aces, or playing 100 progressive jackpot €10 buy-in Fish Party Sit & Go games.

All Rounder Missions
All Rounder Line 1 Play 5,000 hands of €50NL+* Play 25 MTTs €22+ Play 100 €10 Fish Party SNGs
All Rounder Line 2 Play 100 SNGs €22+ Play 5,000 hands of €20PLO+* Play 100 €20 Fish Party SNGs
All Rounder Line 3 Win 300 Fish Party SNG Win with AA (Pocket AA) 20 times Play 100 €50 Fish Party SNGs


Mission Possible

The first five players to complete all the All Rounder Missions (see above Table) will each be able to choose one of the following prizes:

Freerolls galore, packed with prizes!

Given that there’s more than €20K to be won in this promotion, there’s plenty to play for. Those players who complete all nine All Rounder Missions but don’t make the top five will win a ticket for the All Rounder Missions Freeroll on 23rd October, when the same choice of big prizes will be earned by two more players…

Even if you complete just one All Rounder Missions line you’ll be given a ticket for a €1,500 Flip Freeroll!

Mini Missions

There are also All Rounder Mini Missions to get stuck into, and if you complete any line(s) we’ll reward you with a ticket for an All Rounder Mini Missions Freeroll, featuring 10 x €110 tickets to the €50,000 Blowout (Freezeout) tournament on 27th October, as well as €500 in Fish Party tickets.

Are you an All-rounder?

To see how your Missions are going you can follow your progress in real time through the My Achievements section in the Poker Lobby. So – no time to lose: you’re on a mission!

Go on, I’ll give it a go…

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