Bad Beat Jackpot hit at over €50K!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

As sure as night follows day, we can expect the Bad Beat Jackpot to be hit at some point, and the latest magic hand came yesterday when the running total was €50,421.

For those still in the dark, the BBJ sees the loser of a big hands clash – e.g. 4 Kings losing to 4 Aces – actually taking the lion’s share of the progressive jackpot. It’s a player-friendly set-up with a generous payout structure that rewards even those playing at the same stakes – as long as you opt in!

Simply click on the BB icon found in the bottom right of the screen when you join an eligible cash game (€0.10/€0.20 and higher) on the ‘Classic’ software, and you’re good to go.

The latest hit came in an Anonymous €50 max game, with four of a kind (AAAA) losing to a 7-high straight flush. Only three players opted in across the stake, so each saw an early Christmas present of €1,680 added to their accounts!

Don’t miss out – opt in!

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