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Any poker fan who knows the difference between chips and French fries is aware that information is key – and not just when playing a hand. In order to make what can be key decisions and take into account tournament considerations it’s good to use whatever information there is. With this in mind, we’ve introduced the shiny new External Tournament lobby (ETL).

If you’ve not recently played a tournament at 32Red Poker using the Prima software, you’ll be in for a surprise when next you do, and the whole experience should prove more than helpful thanks to the wealth of information to which you’ll have instant access.

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Info-rich Tournament Lobby

The ETL launches in a separate window for each tournament, being independent of the main lobby. This information-laden feature provides a tournament lobby that is sure to make the playing experience both easier and even more entertaining as you navigate your way through the potential jungle that is tournament play.

Launched in the Tournament List via the new Lobby button (or via Menu on the tournament table), the display is wide screen by default and can be resized as you wish. But it’s the features that are particularly impressive.

Players can avail themselves of detailed tournament information including:

  • Total prize pool and prize breakdown
  • Registration status, including Not Open, Open, Late Reg and Closed
  • Registration start and end times
  • Tournament start, running and break times
  • Chip stacks and the total chips in play
  • Tournament levels
  • Player position, chips, and ROI information
  • All tournament players and tables

Information is constantly updated and the layout is colour coded and therefore easy in the eye. All in all an excellent feature that is sure to enhance your experience and, hopefully, your results!

Have fun at the tables, and good luck…


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