BadBeat Jackpot: Yet another hit!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

The BadBeat Jackpot has been hit again. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve made this announcement, each one accompanied by a reminder to our players who enjoy Cash games on our Classic software to opt in to avoid missing out on a share of the booty.

So, here we go again… First, if you’re not sure what the BBJ is, it’s a twist on the bad beat scenario that sees someone lose with, for example, KKKK versus AAAA – but in this case the LOSER is rewarded for their bad luck by winning the lion’s share of the Jackpot!

Meanwhile, anyone playing at the same blind level when the BBJ is hit also receives a chunk of whatever the running total of the progressive jackpot was at the time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – but you need to have opted in to benefit…

And you do that by clicking the BBJ icon in the bottom right of eligible tables when you sit down to play Cash games (€20 max and above).

The latest hit came at a €600 max table with the progressive Jackpot at €47,988. Four of a Kind – 7777 – lost to AAAA in what must have been a humdinger of a hand. Fortunately for the player (ilovebulba) with 7777, he had made a point of opting in, so saw his balance boosted by a tasty €23,994!

And there you have it – another hit, and thousands more paid out. Next time it could be you, even if you’re simply playing at the same stakes! Just remember to opt in…


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