It’s MetalFace Friday!

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Yes, folks, this evening you can kick your weekend off early by tuning into MetalFaceTV from 7pm GMT.

Poker and Prizes

If you’re yet to experience Ryan’s entertaining Twitch broadcasts, not only are they great fun, but you get to play exclusive tournaments and there’s even a chance that Ryan will share a chunk of his winnings!

8pm MetalFaceTV’s Twitchroll

Featuring €100 in Fish Party tickets and generally being great fun, this is well worth tuning in for!

Type !Password in Chat and you’re good to go! It’s Free entry (300 starting chips), with 5-minute levels and 60 minutes of €1.50 rebuys (1500 chips) and a €1.50 add-on for 6000 chips (30 minutes late registration).

And there’s more…

9pm MetalFaceTV’s Mosh Pit

This €200 GTD tournament has a €2 buy-in (2K chips), 2-minute levels and 20 minutes of €2 rebuys (2K chips) with a €2 add-on for a massive 20K chips! (20 minutes late registration).

Finally, stick around until the end of the stream for your chance to cash in on Ryan’s regular €50 Fish Party game.

Tune in to MetalFaceTV >>>

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