It’s MetalFace Monday!

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If you’ve yet to experience Ryan ‘MetalFace’ Davey’s twitch stream – MetalFaceTV – then we recommend that you start your week by tuning in tonight from 7pm GMT.

Watch, play… win!

As well as watching and learning from Ryan’s sharing his poker gameplay, you can also take part in events that are exclusive to MetalFaceTV viewers(!) and prizes to be won…

How to join the fun…

Taking part is simple – click here, and then the FOLLOW button on the next page, and you’ll be alerted whenever we go live. And don’t forget to play the tournaments!

8pm Twitchroll

This Freerolls begins at 8pm GMT, and there’s over €100 in Fish Party tickets to be won, including a €50 ticket for the winner! Type !Password in Chat to enter. It’s Free entry, with 30 minutes late registration, 60 minutes of €1.50 rebuys (1,500 chips) and a €1.50 add-on for 6,000 chips!

8:30pm Mosh Pit

Starting at 8:30pm, this €2.20 Rebuy tournament also has a bounty (Mini Mosh Pit ticket) on Ryan’s head!

28 minutes late registration, 40 minutes of €2.20 rebuys (2,000 chips) and a monster 20,000 chips €2.20 add-on. Have fun…

Tune in to MetalFaceTV!

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