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We really can’t help ourselves! What started as a few increases in guaranteed prize pools has ballooned, and a look at our 24/7 tournament listing now reveals wholesale changes across our wide-ranging poker offering.

Increased guarantees start today

As Mondays go, this is an exciting one, with loads of our tournaments now having bigger prize pools. As you’ll see from the lists (below), these increases are being introduced across a range of regular fixtures. For example, the €5.50 buy-in Mini Daily Deepstack is up from €500 to €750, while the €22 Daily Mosh Pit has a nice, round €10,000 guarantee!

€11 Early Bird 1R1A€600 Guaranteed€750 Guarnateed
€5.50R Morning Madness€400 Guaranteed €500 Guaranteed
€11 Lunchtime Special€300 Guaranteed €400 Guaranteed
€11 Deepstack Freezeout (2:10pm)€100 Guaranteed €200 Guaranteed
€5.50 Turbo Rebuy (2:30pm UK)€600 Guaranteed €750 Guaranteed
€22R Super Deep TwoPlusTwo€1,500 Guaranteed €2,000 Guaranteed
€11 Turbo Deepstack Rebuy€1,500 Guaranteed €1,777 Guaranteed
€11R Lost Vegas€3,000 Guaranteed €4,000 Guaranteed
€5.50 Mini Daily Deepstack€500 Guaranteed €750 Guaranteed
€11 Mini Daily Deepstack€1,000 Guaranteed €1,250 Guaranteed
€11 1R1A The Most Interesting…€3,000 Guaranteed €4,000 Guaranteed
€22R Daily Mosh Pit€8,000 Guaranteed €10,000 Guaranteed
€22R King Tusk€3,500 Guaranteed €4,000 Guaranteed
€5.50R Mini King Tusk€600 Guaranteed €750 Guaranteed
€11 Daily Express€400 Guaranteed €500 Guaranteed
€11R Jungle Jim€2,500 Guaranteed €3,000 Guaranteed
€110 Daily Deepstack€10,000 Guaranteed €12,500 Guaranteed
€5.50R Big Break€3,000 Guaranteed €4,000 Guaranteed 


30% Instant Rakeback

Don’t forget that at 32Red you enjoy a juicy 30% Instant Rakeback. Cash players automatically accumulate Redbacks (loyalty points) at the tables, and these can be converted to either money or tournament buy-ins.


Jackpot contributions – don’t miss out!

Don’t forget that, because we’re migrating from the Microgaming network, the Bad Beat jackpot and the five Fish Party jackpots will be decommissioned. This means that all unused contributions will be paid back to players, so here’s a reminder so that you don’t miss out. Simply log on to 32Red Poker at any time in 2020 before the BBJ (4th May) and Fish Party (18th May) games close, and the relevant funds will be returned to your account!

Decommissioning the Bad Beat & Fish Party Jackpots

Jackpot Freerolls

Leave a space in your poker diary for 18th May, when we will be hosting special Freerolls funded by any excess funds. There’ll be a BadBeat edition as well as one for each of the five Fish Party buy-in levels…

Good luck, and have fun!


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