Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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Opt-in required. Available on $0.10/0.20 Cash Games or above. See full terms. 

We often remind our poker fans at 32Red that, if you play Cash games on our Classic software, it’s well worth opting in to the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot.

Lose big, win big

The idea is that we turn the traditional bad beat story on its head by rewarding the Loser of the crucial hand, so that – for example – the player who sees their KKKK lose on the River to AAAA actually wins the biggest chunk of the jackpot!

Great Payout Structure

Perhaps the biggest attraction to players is that just by virtue of having opted in you’re eligible for a sizeable share of the jackpot if you’re playing at the same stakes as the jackpot hand when it hits!

How to opt in

Simply click on the BB icon at qualifying tables on our Classic software (€0.10/€0.20 minimum blinds) and you’re good to go. Easy peasy…

Decommissioning the Bad Beat & Fish Party Jackpots

Latest BBJ hit

The latest magic hand came a little after midnight last night at an Anonymous €200 max table, with an 8-high straight flush coming up against a 10-high straight flush…

As it turned out the ‘loser’ had remembered to opt in and, consequently, received a massive €21,463! Meanwhile, only two players at the same stakes had opted in, and were each rewarded for their aforethought with a tasty €1,651…

Log on, opt in and have fun!


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