Fish Party Jackpot Hit!

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Ever since it first appeared as a novel part of 32Red’s poker offering, the Fish Party game has continued to remain a popular choice with our players – and for good reason…

A Sit & Go with a difference

This 3-player Sit & Go format has an entertaining and quite different approach, with prizes being determined by the spin of a mini Fish Party slots game! With potentially massive payouts and life-changing jackpots, a Fish Party session is a fun ride…

Five Jackpots

We always endeavour to make poker a bankroll-friendly game that gives everyone a chance to hit big, and Fish Party is no exception, with a dedicated progressive jackpot for each of the five buy-in levels (€1, €5, €10, €20 and €50). The current running total for the €50 game, for example, is an eye-watering €459K!

€10 Jackpot hit

The latest hit came in a €10 game, with the jackpot being €88,674! The protagonists each saw an enormous reward for their modest investment:

1st – wafa5555 (€44,337)
2nd – Ne2Da (€26,602)
3rd – Basware (€17,734)

The fun factor is already enough reason to make Fish Party Games part of your poker diet, but the prospect of juicy prizes is certainly a bonus…

Decommissioning the Bad Beat & Fish Party Jackpots

Unused jackpot contributions – Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget that, with Fish Party being decommissioned as we migrate from Microgaming, unused jackpot contributions will be returned to our players. To receive yours it’s a simple matter of logging on during 2020 before 4th May, when the games will be stopped.

Fish Party Freerolls

Any excess jackpot funds will be awarded in special Freerolls on 18th May – one tournament being held for each jackpot level! These will be open to those players who played at the corresponding buy-in, so make sure you’ve qualified…

Dive in, and have fun!

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