Reality sometime hurts.

While being here in Las Vegas I realised something that never came to mind before. To be a great tournament player one needs to be prepared to put the tournament on the line many times.

Playing safe in this kind of tourney will only give you the chance to hit the money. If you want to win the whole thing – you need to take a more calculated risk. Sadly as I was cruising my way into day one I didn’t made any of those moves and started day 2 with a little more than average size chips. This was good to start the day with but not enough to survive without stealing some nice pots. (more…)

Dom Does Vegas and the WSOP – Part I

DominiqueFrom Freeroll to the WSOP, Dom recounts his first day at the biggest poker event in the world…

Hi everyone,

I made it throught day 1. 47850 chips after a full day of play. Could have been more but was playing really tight and didnt take any risks. I was all-in once with a caller early in the tourney. I was on Ace king and the board gave me 2 pair. He was small stack and when I went all-in he called me straight away. I got real scare but he turned a flush draw and the turn and river held and gave me the 12500 pot. (more…)

Meet 32Red’s Dominque

DominicHi, I’m Dominique, a member of the 32Red Poker player support team.  I started playing online poker just over five years ago after regularly watching ‘late night poker’ on television. I loved watching the action unfold on TV and wanted to get involved. I mostly enjoy playing live games at my local casino but manage to fit in an online game every so often when I’m not at work, of course!   (more…)