The Art of Bluffing

The Art of Bluffing

If you were to learn poker just from TV shows, you would believe that the game is all about bluffing. This is not quite the case, but the skills of creating a good bluff and spotting a bad one are integral to the game.

What is a good Poker bluff?

When someone is telling a lie, the tale they tell must be consistent with the facts available. If parts of the tale do not fit with what you can see, you become suspicious.

And so in poker, a good bluff is one that tells a believable story. The “lie” you are telling is that your hand has connected with the board in a big way. The tale you tell must mirror that.

This means that when you bluff, your sequence of raises and re-raises should look like they would do if you held a good hand.  The bad bluffer plays his big hands in one way, and his bluffs in another.   (more…)

Stack Size

Stack Size

Stack Size in Poker, and how it is even more important than you think…

Example #1

You hold Jack of Spades - Poker StrategyTen of Spades - Poker Strategy, call a raise from the small blind, and hit a great flop of Queen of Spades - Poker StrategyNine of Spades - Poker StrategyTwo of Diamonds - Poker Strategy, which gives you a straight flush draw. You decide to play aggressively with a semi-bluff, to give yourself two chances of winning the pot. What is the best way to do this? Is it

a) Moving all-in straight away, b) Check-raising all-in c) Check raising, and moving all-in on the turn


Disguising the Strength or Weakness of a Hand

The disguise level of a hand

Many poker players are keenly aware of their outs and pot odds throughout the hand, but there is one factor that few are aware of – their disguise level.

The disguise level is a measure of how well hidden your hand is. The highest disguise level comes when

1) There are many cards which will concern your opponent if they come, but actually do not help your hand at all.


2) The cards that do improve your hand will not concern your opponent (more…)

Tournament Strategy – Part 1

Tournament strategy

“What’s the right way to play in a live tournament, or in an online poker tournament?”

There is no such thing as a correct way to play in a poker tournament. In fact, the most important thing to realise is that best strategy changes greatly with the different phases of the tournament. We’ll take a look in the next two articles at what opportunities the different phases bring:

At the start of the tournament

Early in a tournament, you will not have had time to feel out the play of the other players. Whilst this remains the case, it is best not to play too aggressively, and not to be too tricky. (more…)

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management

It is not the most glamorous of poker skills, but even if your bluffing is well timed, your reading ability sharp and your courage ice-cold, poor bankroll management can bring you straight back down to earth.

Why is it important?

Imagine a player who plays without any care for managing his bankroll. He starts off on the smallest poker tournaments with $30 in his account. Incredibly, he reaches the final table on his first try, and wins $120. Full of confidence, he takes on the cash games, and builds up the levels. He is quickly becoming a great player, and has amazingly built up to $1000. He splits this between two different $4/8 tables, to see just how much he can make. (more…)

Meet Stuart Rutter

Stuart 'TrickyRock' Rutter
Hi guys, I’d especially like to invite you to view the “32Red Poker Blog” part of the site, where I will be writing an ongoing and regular blog about my experiences in poker.

Here is a little intro I have written about how I got into poker:

My name is Stuart Rutter, and I play as TrickyRock on the 32Red Poker site. I am 24 years old, from Birmingham, England, and will be writing regularly on the 32Red Poker Blog.

I plan to write articles covering a wide range of poker issues; I will write about the joys and despairs of playing in “live” poker tournaments, and about my experiences playing online poker with 32Red. Interesting poker hands will lead to discussion of key poker issues. This will develop into a poker blog, with a feast of poker strategies for beginners and experts alike.  (more…)

The up’s and downs of ring games

Ring Games

Ring games always create a few surprises, even for pro TrickyRock. Read how best to handle them.

The Ups and Downs of Ring Games

I was asked an interesting question a few weeks ago – where is the best and most interesting poker played? I think my friend was referring to poker tournaments, but not even the best structured tournament provides the depth and psychology of the ring games. Even the biggest ‘live’ ring games have a sense of predictability about them, with players playing in a standard way against unfamiliar opponents. In fact, nothing compares to the style and trickiness of the big online ring games, and 32Red Poker hosts some of the best.

When you see a player pick off a counter-bluff with an all-in move of his own and show that he had nothing, and moments later make an incredible lay-down with a massive hand, you see that each hands involves an incredible amount of thought and history.  (more…)

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Meet Robert12345

My name is Robert Duboff, I am 20 years old and I go to Bristol University studying Economics and Accounting. I play under the alias of Robert12345 on 32red and I mainly play 6-seater or heads up cash from 5/10 to 100/200. I have been a successful cash game player for a couple of years and recently I tried my luck at the Bristol Gala Casino festival, you can read all about it on the Read more…