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Of resolutions, midgets and lumberjacks

Stuart 'TrickyRock' Rutter

For some reason, yesterday I felt an urge to make some poker resolutions for next year. As I thought about it, I realised that it’s very difficult for a poker player to make resolutions about anything that concerns results. Not only is it impossible for a poker player to judge their own talent, talent provides no guarantees anyway in a game where luck can so often reign.

If there can’t be these kind of resolutions, of course there are still plenty of hopes. These would very simply centre around trying to rise to the big occasion a little more, and improve on this year’s list of finishes at final tables which reads an anticlimatic 8th-8th-8th-5th. (more…)

750 Euro Side Event, Galway

At 4.55pm, a tall man wearing a t-shirt reading “32Red Poker” was spotted entering the Radisson Hotel in Galway, where a 750 Euro poker tournament was taking place. At 5.20pm, the same man exited the building, looking a little shell shocked. Simple as that. Aces vs Kings, all in pre-flop. Of course he shouldn’t get it in for 200 BBs with kings, but of course people do. King on the turn. Normally I’d shrug it off, in the Read more…

Irish Poker Championships, Galway

It’s Saturday, but I won’t be going back for day 2 of the Irish Poker Championships today, having  been knocked out in the last half hour of last night’s play. It makes for a really disappointing start to the year, as it was a day where I could not blame luck, only myself.

My tounrament essentially came down to one big semi-bluff that I made, and has left me regretting not necessarily the fact that I made the big bluff, but the way I did it. (more…)

We’re jetting SimonC001 to Manila for the APT

32Red Poker are happy to announce the winner of the 28th Day of Christmas APT Manila Package Freeroll: SimonC001! Our many congratulations go to him and we wish him the very best luck in the Philippines, where he’ll battling some of the biggest names in poker for a chunk of the huge prizepot.

SimonC001 had the following to say on his great freeroll victory: (more…)

A happy New Year starts in Galway

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to write about plans for the next few weeks. After an mediocre 2008 turned promising in the last couple of months of the year, I just can’t wait for poker in 2009. I’m really buzzing about the new start, and so the first couple of tournaments of the year will take on even more significance; I’ve never had a good start to the year in ‘live’ Read more…

Crazy thoughts about the live game

I have really enjoyed playing alot of ‘live’ poker recently, and have tried to think hard about alot of

Stuart 'TrickyRock' Rutter

situations that have come up, but also the different styles I see. I have been able to watch other players, and take soundings from them, and really tried to be open to ideas from other people’s games. I think that’s there is something for everyone to learn from every poker player, but that the player you will learn the most from is the player with the game most different to yours. (more…)

Back from Prague, home for Christmas

I’m back from Prague after a really fun trip, but one in which the poker produced some real disappointments. That’s it for the year in terms of live tournaments, I’ll now look forward to going to Galway with my brother Tom at the start of the year.

I’ve had an interesting idea for ’09, which is to start an equity tracker, to calculate how lucky or unlucky I have been in the all-in spots. It’s very difficult in this emotional game to judge your luck accurately, so I thought it would be interesting to write down every single all-in, work out my expected return from each pot, and find whether I am ahead or behind equity wise. (more…)

Good times in Prague- but unfortunately not in the poker

Well, the trip to Prague has been really enjoyable so far, with lots of old friends around, and some new ones (Will Fry, the guy that won the last EPT in Budapest, seems to be a great guy) in this great city. Unfortuantely, it feels like normal service has been resumed in the poker. I played in the 1,000 Euro side event today, and it’s sadly one of those tournaments where there is little to Read more…