Poker hurts

  Oh man, this game can rip your heart out. Just busted just before the end of the day in Prague, after I got my 28k in for a 57k pot with 66 on a 876 flop, against 97. Of course I couldn’t hit the miracle runner-runner non five or ten. This one hurts more than any other I think, as I feel I didn’t put a foot wrong today. I busted Peter Eastgate early on, Read more…

EPT Prague- will the run continue?

I’ve just landed in Prague for the year’s final installment of the EPT, nervous on two counts. I’m excited about the possibility of continuing this lucky run, but unfortuantely have one obstacle to overcome first. I have arrived in Prague unsure whether I will be able to get into the tournament before it hits sell out, thanks to the latest cock up from my bank (thankyou Nationwide), who have somehow lost the buy-in I transferred. Read more…

Fifth place in the GUKPT Grand Final

Yesterday, I finished in fifth place in the GUKPT Grand Final at the Vic, cashing for £36,900.

Today, I woke up, and the crazy mix of emotions that poker brings was running through my head. Delighted to have had a good result in a big one; beating myself up about the final hand; gutted to have had the chip lead and seen it disappear; happy for my friend Pab to have taken it down. Wow, I thought, this poker malarkey is emotional. (more…)

The year flips upside down. A run of luck, and the final table of the Big one!

For all the good things about poker, the great thing is hope. I’ve had a disappointing year in live poker, such miserable luck, and yet every new poker tournament brings such hope. If I could have chosen one to run good in at the start of the year, it might just have been this one. This is effectively the English Final of poker- the GUKPT Grand Final at the Vic- and it means so much to me.

MIND THE GAP- the transistion between online and ‘live’ poker

I’m very unusual for my age; I spend more hours playing ‘live’ poker than playing online. However, in almost every respect, I would consider myself an online player. This is largely because people my age are expected to be so, but also to do with my playing style, and the way I think about the game. I guess it would also be true to say that I have played far more hands online, even if recently I have spent less hours there. (more…)

GUKPT Day 2- Who’s the donkey now?

I’m not going to write much today, but everything I do write on this blog will be exactly how it is; there is no point messing around.

I love this game, it creates so much enjoyment and excitement. But boy, can it bring some lows. At the moment, today feel like one of the lowest of the lows. I came back with 60,000 today, and having been eliminated within the first hour and a half, I am absolutely gutted on two counts. Firstly, in this never-ending bad luck that the last 28k went on another damn race, but above all with myself. The first 32k went on an absolutely horrific laydown. (more…)

Welcome to the 32Red Poker Blog

Welcome to the 32Red Poker Blog, brought to you by our Poker Ambassadors and professionals. Read poker advice from our professionals and learn the optimum strategy to win at your favourite poker game, from Hold’em to Omaha and more. Join 32Red Poker today and claim a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $320, over $20,000 in monthly prizes with the 32Red Poker Elevator and much much more. Keep checking back for regular updates in our Read more…

The Master Classics of Poker, Amsterdam

Well, I’m on my home from Amsterdam, this morning, after a disappointing day in the big one, the Master Classics of Poker.

It was another frustrating time really, where I did not at any point get above the starting stack, and ended with the disappointment of yet another lost race, my AK vs QQ, about seven hours into play. I realise just how lucky I am to be able to play so much tournament poker, but if I had to give it up, there is definitely one thing that I wouldn’t miss. The feeling of being so gutted, where one moment you are alive in the tournament and the next have lost everything, is really tough to take, and does not get any easier with time. (more…)