Back to Star City, on to Amsterdam

I’ve been thinking alot about last weekend’s poker, particularly that final Kings vs set of fours bust-out hand. The other big thing I remember poker tournaments by, however, is the friendliness and atmosphere of the occassion. I hope I can have a little effect in making the table a more pleasant place to be. Within the whole atmosphere of cold decks, bad beats, and ultimately of money, I think friendliness counts for a lot. (more…)

A good run into Day Two at Star City

Just a quick one,as I’m dying to get some sleep before another early start tomorrow. I’ve got into day two at the £500 tournament at Star City, and will go back with 50,875. I’m really buzzing for tomorrow, as I feel like things have come togethter, and I played OK today. It’s a case in point though, that there are still a number of things that I could/should have got better, and I will write about these soon.  (more…)

A week of sick rivers ends on the TV

I travelled down to London last night, full of hope for my TV filming of the 888 UK Open. Unfortuantely, a frustrating run ended gruesomely as I got all my chips in with K3 on a KJ10 flop, against a Spanish player’s A7. The king on the turn gave me hope that I might survive, but a few mintues later I was saying in the exit-interview “I thought I might hit the miracle non-queen on the river, but it wasn’t to be.”  (more…)

The week ahead- a chance to set the TV record straight

I’m really excited about the week ahead, as Thursday brings a big day with my heat of the UK Poker Open, which will be shown on TV. It’s my second shot at one of these TV tournaments, and I found out last time that the excitement is evened out by the disappointment of the shocking structure they have. For what is a £3000 buy-in event, there really should be a better structure than that offered by Read more…

Good times and rough times in Dublin

Poker brought a slight difference this weekend,  as I travelled to Dublin along with my brother Tom and two mates. We successfully tricked Micky McCool into believing that Chris was the number two poker player from Finland, but truth was that my two best friends, Chris and Omar,  had just come to enjoy Dublin with us. Well, all the good times were spent enjoying such a fine and friendly city, and unfortunately all the rough times Read more…

Took a sick ‘un at the Broadway

I played in the £300 Freezeout at what is acutally my local casino, the Birmingham Broadway last night. Not much to report, apart from that at about 2.30 in the morning, I took a bad one in a pot that would have been 40,000 strong. I got it all in with 87 on a turn of J546, against a set of sixes; there’s the dagger in the heart with a pairing five on the river. Read more…

A little argument gives food for thought at Thanet GUKPT

Well, just got back after the long drive back from one corner of England, where I have been playing in the Thanet GUKPT. It was alot of fun, but ultimately a disappointing time. I brought back 26200 to the second day; it was an unspectacular stack, but I was pleased to have grinded it up from a low of 3,100! However, I was left penniless within the first level, as I got it all in pre-flop with ace-ten against Simon Trumper’s ace-king. That and a few other hands were of interest enough to be in the section “my 50 worst mistakes,” so I won’t be writing about too much poker in this blog entry. (more…)

Mid-week thoughts

Just thought I would give  a quick update on the middle of the week. There has not been too much poker the last few days, but I’m really looking forward to the next installment of the GUKPT, starting on Friday in Thanet.  I feel it’s so difficult for your ‘live’ game to come together as easily as your online game, because of the rare opportunities to play deep-stacked, and because of the constant worries about Read more…