The most common misconception in poker

The most common misconception in poker

There is nothing that many poker players like more than a good debate. You will hear statements in cardrooms everywhere like “it’s never right to slow play aces,” and “I would never put all my money in with ace-king, it’s just ace high.” These kind of statements will cause a lot of debate, but are in some part true. (more…)

Day two at the EPT Barcelona

Hi guys, A full report will come later, but just to update you on the happenings here in Barcelona at the first leg of the EPT. Poker provided its usual bizarre mix of emotions in the space of just ten minutes late last night. First came the elation of the bubble bursting, as I sneaked through with a rather short stack of 30,000. This excitement heightened four hands later, as I found myself all in with Read more…

Into Day two at EPT Barcelona

So, I’ve crept into the second day here at the first leg of the EPT in Barcelona. I only have 14,500 in chips, but am excited to be returning with some kind of shot today. Not too much time to write unfortuantely, as I felt straight asleep yesterday after eight hours tough play! Here are some of the key and most interesting hands of the day (more…)

Gone far too early at GUKPT Bolton!

Hey guys, I’ve just busted from the latest GUKPT event in rainy Bolton, in just the third level of the day. I wanted to describe the crucial exit hand, partly to give myself a chance to think about the hand, but mainly to share with you the kind of thinking I try to do after I have made a mistake in a tournament. Sorry that I have written the hand in note form, but I hope it’s hopeful to keep a running tab of the pot size, and my thoughts on the hand. (more…)

Multi-Tabling at 32Red Poker

Stuart 'TrickyRock' Rutter

The advantages of multi-tabling

The idea of multi-tabling has become increasingly popular in online poker. What is it, and is it a good idea? Multi-tabling embraces the idea that the correct way to play Hold’em is to fold most hands before the flop. Therefore, each one table is idle for much of the time, and it becomes possible to play on more than one table.

How many tables can you play?

If you are planning to add more tables, it is worth increasing steadily as some practice is required, but you will quickly be able to add more tables. I usually play 6 six-handed ring games at the same table, but the recent software improvements on the 32Red online poker site have allowed me to increase to eight tables with some ease.  (more…)

The Art of a Value Bet

The Art of a Value Bet

As a good player, you know that it is crucial to try to squeeze the most out of your value bets when you hold the winning hand. Chips are lost not only every time you lose a pot, but every time you win a pot and do not get the maximum value out of your hand. (more…)