Dom Does Vegas and the WSOP – Part I

DominiqueFrom Freeroll to the WSOP, Dom recounts his first day at the biggest poker event in the world…

Hi everyone,

I made it throught day 1. 47850 chips after a full day of play. Could have been more but was playing really tight and didnt take any risks. I was all-in once with a caller early in the tourney. I was on Ace king and the board gave me 2 pair. He was small stack and when I went all-in he called me straight away. I got real scare but he turned a flush draw and the turn and river held and gave me the 12500 pot. (more…)

Robert12345 Does Bristol!

Robert12345The festival started on Wednesday 18th June, with a £100 freeze out. Then on the Thursday there was a £200 freeze out and the £500 main event had two starting days on the Friday and Saturday and it would finish on the Sunday.

I decided to pass on the Wednesday and Thursday donkaments to play cash games instead. On Wednesday I played a 6 hour cash session at £1/£2 no limit and turned a £200 losing into a £300 winning session. Biggest help was calling about £40 pre flop with 89 off with 4 other people and hitting an 885 flop and getting a max payout from 99! (more…)

Bluffing the Continuation Bet – Part 2

Bluffing the Continuation Bet – Part 2

In the part one, we began to look at the valuable move of playing back at a continuation bettor. We have looked at how best to bluff, at the best type of flops to choose, and will now look at the right type of bluffing hands to play with:

It is the late stages of a poker tournament, you have the biggest stack at the table, and are looking to put other players under pressure. A mid position player raises, and bets 4,000 on a Ten of Diamonds - Bluffing the Continuation BetThree of Spades - Bluffing on the Continuation BetTwo of Clubs - Bluffing the Continuation Bet flop. This leaves him with 12,000 behind, and the pot stands at 9,000. You have a marginal hand, and are planning to pull the all-in move to put your opponent to a decision. What type of marginal hand would you like to have? (more…)

The Value Bet

The Art of a Value Bet

As a good player, you know that it is crucial to try to squeeze the most out of your value bets when you hold the winning hand. Chips are lost not only every time you lose a pot, but every time you win a pot and do not get the maximum value out of your hand.  (more…)

Master Slow Play

The most overused play in poker: the slow play

Slow playing a big hand in poker is often seen as being the height of cunning. It can be a very effective play, but the slow play is a strategy often overused. Failure to play certain hands more actively routinely costs players a lot of chips.

There are two types of hands to consider here. Firstly, you will sometimes flop a hand so strong that you can give your opponents a free card without risk of them outdrawing you. (more…)

Flop Texture

The Texture of The Flop – The all-Important Piece of Information

“I had Ace of Hearts - Flop TextureTen of Hearts - Flop Texture, the flop came Jack of Diamonds - Flop Texture10 of Diamonds - Flop TextureNine of Spades - Flop Texture, and I bet the pot. My opponent went all in. I was stuck, I had no idea what he had…”

It should come as no great surprise that our opponent went all-in here. Why?
The texture of the flop is so good. There are so many hands that our opponent could have which have hit a good piece of this flop, and with which he could go all-in. (more…)

The Fold Equity

Fold Equity

Online Poker has hit a real boom, and the new wave of poker players has brought with it a deeper understanding of poker strategy.

No longer is it enough to play a solid game and wait for a good hand, nor is it enough simply to be aggressive and bluff with reckless abandon. The ability to combine courage, patience and insight does remain integral to the game, but with it now must come a fine-tuned understanding of the cogs that make the game work. (more…)

The Weak Call

The Weak Call in Position

You’re playing in a ring game, and call a raise to $10 with Nine of Spades - Weak CallEight of Spades - Weak Call on the button. The flop comes Jack of Spades - Weak CallSeven of Clubs - Weak CallFour of Clubs - Weak Call, and your opponent makes a pot-sized $20 bet. What do you do?

“This is a standard pass, right?” I hear you say. You have nine high and just a gutshot. Yes, it is a standard pass, and it is not great to get into the habit of calling too much here. However, there are some situations where a call in position with a weak hand like this can turn into a very strong play…


Newcastle Poker Festival 12th – 13th April 2008

ShipItDonkMeet 32Red Poker Player ”ShipItDonk89″ and read here about his adventures during the Poker Festival Newcastle 12th – 13th April 2008…

I’ve just got back from a fantastic weekend of poker up in Newcastle. The occasion was the second Newcastle Poker Festival and wat a festival it was…

The main event was a £150 deep stack tournament with an excellent structure where you started with 10,000 chips and blinds of 25/50 with a 40 minute clock making it so there was a lot of play compared to most
of the internet tourneys. Along with the great structure that the tournament had there was also some added value in the form of some pro bounties. (more…)