TrickyRock Takes on the Best in Paris

Sorry guys, I won’t be home for a while…

I am currently in the air between Paris and Prague, where the next installment of the EPT starts tomorrow, in what has become an unlikely and unexpected poker road trip. Though it is a lot of fun to travel to these kind of places, I am already missing the people and comforts of home. For the first time, I can feel a tiny bit of sympathy for the older English guys, and the way things used to be.


Nonesense Statements in Poker

Annoying/Funny Poker Statements

You hear them all the time but yet they don’t mean a thing. Stuart Rutter runs through nonesense sayings in poker…

Nonsense statements in poker

One of the most interesting parts of playing live poker are the friendly discussions about the game – its bad beats, and the situations it throws up. I feel that the internet is making people more knowledgeable about the way they talk about the game, but there are still some nonsense comments that come up again and again. They can be funny, but are also informative about the areas of the game that they wrongly describe.


Online Poker Ring Games

More fun times in the Ring Games

The $10/20 game on 32Red Poker never fails to throw up some interesting and exciting online poker. Most players play a great logical game, but cunningly choose times to play without logic in order to disguise their hands, and to deceive other players.

This brings about a number of tough situations where you are in the position of choosing whether or not to call. Here are a couple of examples from this week, to give you an insight into the kind of thinking that goes into the toughest decision in the game – am I ahead or not?


32Red Poker Ring Games

Crazy Times on 32Red Poker

I’ve been spending some times playing in the Ring Games on 32Red, which always throw up some great and testing poker. I feel that there is a real change once you hit the $10/20 games, and the psychology of bluff and counter bluff coming into play makes for some crazy games.

I won’t reveal any names, but here is one of the craziest hands that came up this week.


Stu Rutter Plays the Grosvenor Tour, Blackpool

The Grovsenor UK Tour, Blackpool

Stuart Rutter’s goes to Blackpool to take part is the Grosvenor UK Tour. Read about his experiences with 32Red Poker. 

The Grovsenor Poker Tour has been a massively successful venture in its inaugral year, hosting £1000 buy-in events all around the country. The last leg before the Grand Final in London was held last weekend in one of the most familiar and exciting poker locations in the country, Blackpool.


TrickyRock on the EPT: Prague

TrickyRock’s European Poker Tour comes crashing down to earth

The European poker trip was flying, but it just came to an abrupt end. The fact that I am now on the flight back home from Prague means that it’s not good news from today’s EPT Main Event.

The seventh hour of play saw the end of my struggle, as I lost my race to get back into the tournament, with my Ace of Diamonds - Poker BlogJack of Diamonds - Poker Blog unable to outdraw the Six of Hearts - Poker BlogSix of Clubs - Poker Blog of my opponent. It was a day on which nothing seemed to go right, and served as a reminder that tournament poker throws up as many frustrating days as it does the kind of great day that I had before the final table in Paris.



Starting to notice there are some real WiseGuy regulars emerging at our tables, bossing the others round and taking more pots than the rest. Notable WiseGuys include going4gutgut, which is a pretty alarming and very WiseGuyish name, with toonboy1 also making regular appearances in the Sheriff’s leaderboard. However, 32Red Poker welcomes new players all the time and sometimes our new sharks take on the WiseGuys… and win. So it’s good to announce some new faces taking hefty slices of the $1050 on offer. Here are the results:

Become a WiseGuy with 32Red Poker