No Limit Poker: Heads Up Fun

Poker, of course, is a rich, complex game that comes in many guises and formats. We all have a particular favourite ‘perfect’ poker game which, ideally, we both feel comfortable with and can achieve a level of success from. The potential problem with this, like all manner of favourite things, Read more…

The Transparency of the Minimum Raise…

No Limit Hold’em is so-called for a reason – unlike Limit poker, where our betting choices are defined by the limit put on how much we can add to the pot at each betting juncture, NL affords us literally unlimited flexibility.

However, when presented with such an abundance of choice we are also given the opportunity to make mistakes, and the minimum raise is one such fundamental part of the NL game that in some respects – for the vast majority of players – is best avoided altogether.

Let’s see why… (more…)

Chat Box Tells

Chat Box Tells The subject of so-called ‘tells’ crops up all over television nowadays and is by no means limited to poker coverage. The idea that some kind of uncanny people-reading skill affords you the power to bring criminals to justice is a trendy television theme if Lie to Me Read more…

Bluff Freeroll – The Results

The partnership between Bluff Magazine (Europe) and 32Red Poker was a great success, with 1000s of registrants from the magazine and, hopefully, a few of our blog readers getting in on the free poker action too. We’ll be posting more about our poker promotions and tournaments, so stay tuned and don’t miss out.

Here are those players that made the money (in US Dollars) in the Bluff/32Red Poker Freeroll: (more…)