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Brand new to 32Red Poker are our action-packed poker lotteries. Simply buy-in for $1 and take your seat. All players go all-in on their hand, launching everyone towards a thrilling showdown. Get lucky with a strong hand and move to a new table to take on another winner. Within moments, and with a bit of luck, you’ll be on the final table on the edge of your seat for the intense lottery climax and the single $75 prize. Sound like your kind of tournament? Here are the details: (more…)

Trip of a lifetime to Manila APT courtesy of 32RedPoker.

Re-cap: My name’s Stephen and I won the 32 Days of Christmas Big Freeroll at 32Red Poker (you can read my reaction, here.). They jetted me off to the Phlippines to experience my first offline poker tournament. The following is my experiences in Manila…

Flights over to Manila went like clockwork. The Singapore Airways staff were wonderful…always helpful, always smiling and always there when needed. The taxi ride from Manila airport to the hotel, however, was a bloody nightmare… Each road has three lanes of traffic but there seemed to different rules of the road for each one.  It was constant dodging in and out of traffic and cutting people up with a blast on the horn. Pedestrians were another added problem…they just wandered around in the middle of the road hoping to get to the other side. Scary stuff… (more…)

Bluff Freeroll – The Results

The partnership between Bluff Magazine (Europe) and 32Red Poker was a great success, with 1000s of registrants from the magazine and, hopefully, a few of our blog readers getting in on the free poker action too. We’ll be posting more about our poker promotions and tournaments, so stay tuned and don’t miss out.

Here are those players that made the money (in US Dollars) in the Bluff/32Red Poker Freeroll: (more…)

We’re jetting SimonC001 to Manila for the APT

32Red Poker are happy to announce the winner of the 28th Day of Christmas APT Manila Package Freeroll: SimonC001! Our many congratulations go to him and we wish him the very best luck in the Philippines, where he’ll battling some of the biggest names in poker for a chunk of the huge prizepot.

SimonC001 had the following to say on his great freeroll victory: (more…)

Gone far too early at GUKPT Bolton!

Hey guys, I’ve just busted from the latest GUKPT event in rainy Bolton, in just the third level of the day. I wanted to describe the crucial exit hand, partly to give myself a chance to think about the hand, but mainly to share with you the kind of thinking I try to do after I have made a mistake in a tournament. Sorry that I have written the hand in note form, but I hope it’s hopeful to keep a running tab of the pot size, and my thoughts on the hand. (more…)

Dom Does Vegas and the WSOP – Part I

DominiqueFrom Freeroll to the WSOP, Dom recounts his first day at the biggest poker event in the world…

Hi everyone,

I made it throught day 1. 47850 chips after a full day of play. Could have been more but was playing really tight and didnt take any risks. I was all-in once with a caller early in the tourney. I was on Ace king and the board gave me 2 pair. He was small stack and when I went all-in he called me straight away. I got real scare but he turned a flush draw and the turn and river held and gave me the 12500 pot. (more…)

Tournament Strategy – Part 1

Tournament strategy

“What’s the right way to play in a live tournament, or in an online poker tournament?”

There is no such thing as a correct way to play in a poker tournament. In fact, the most important thing to realise is that best strategy changes greatly with the different phases of the tournament. We’ll take a look in the next two articles at what opportunities the different phases bring:

At the start of the tournament

Early in a tournament, you will not have had time to feel out the play of the other players. Whilst this remains the case, it is best not to play too aggressively, and not to be too tricky. (more…)

Stu Rutter Plays the Grosvenor Tour, Blackpool

The Grovsenor UK Tour, Blackpool

Stuart Rutter’s goes to Blackpool to take part is the Grosvenor UK Tour. Read about his experiences with 32Red Poker. 

The Grovsenor Poker Tour has been a massively successful venture in its inaugral year, hosting £1000 buy-in events all around the country. The last leg before the Grand Final in London was held last weekend in one of the most familiar and exciting poker locations in the country, Blackpool.